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As with any controversial subject, Death is under censorship, but since deceased characters often add to drama and story plots, a separate policy on life and death (in Antarctica) will be written here. You will need to follow these guidelines on the restrictions on Death and follow them when you need to.


  • Within common sense reasoning and keeping it at PG or lower, all death that is completely instanenous may be utilized on this site. No character may, in dying, suffer great pain, experience miserable agony, enter a vegetable state, or fall into a coma. All death must be instaneous. ALL DEATH MUST BE INSTANTENOUS. No if, no and, no but.

    • Suffering may appear if a character is sick or in pain, but he/she/it must get better. Death can only be instaneous.
  • Alternately and as a more superior option, use deletion.
  • We tolerate and allow all people of all religions to come and have fun here, so keep that in mind when mentioning death.
  • We are here to entertain the masses, to have a good time. If it will discomfort our visitors, don't do it. Keep it positive. We don't like "dark" and/or depressing stories. No one likes a bad time.