Club Penguin Fan Universe

This list includes users who help with images for free. They are experts in their field and are fully recommended by the wiki's staff. However, they do not guarantee a 100% perfect image; the more details you give them, the more perfect it will be.

Users who could help!

  • Austin will do most requests. Scenes, characters, and places.
  • Metal will do alot of requests. Characters and scenes. Only from Monday-Friday.

Requests here!


Always make your headers like this:

=== [[User:Kwiksilver|Kwiksilver]] - Scene, [[Wikia Catastrophe]] ===

Put your username, followed by a dash, then the nature of your picture (Scene). Here are some examples:

  • Scene - Action, a battle between two characters.
  • Character - A picture for use in character articles, just a basic pose. Little or no action, character is alone.
  • Place - Maps, buildings, continents, etc.
  • Cover - General picture for a story, a cover page like on a book.
  • Misc - Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories.

Then, put the article that it is for.

Start by explaining how you would like your image. Add detail, perhaps include an example if you're parodying something. End with a polite request, such as please. Be polite and courteous.