Would you ever need some relaxation in this wiki? Well here's the place!


Contests (available) and Quizzes/Puzzles

These are games where you have to impress the judges.

The Wiki's official Fun Stuff, Wiki Contests is the best choice for you.

Play a fun quiz with hints you can buy with the ☎ phones you earn! Random, I know.


Polls and more polls. How many polls can they get?

These are the only polls. Come here then!

These are a funny poller, fictional. But what's the purpose?

His polls page.


Deck the Wiki as often as possible! La la la la la la la!! INCLUDES FAKE HOLIDAYS TOO!

Leekduck's song of the week, showcasing some good music. Come and comment!


Puzzles and Quizzes

These are games where you have to guess the correct answer.

Alex001 moved it to another place, then, he claimed it inactive due to inpopularity. As he is also the temporary judge of the Wiki Contests, he may just be considering making quizzes or asking users to create quizzes there.

The last puzzle was four months ago, thus it's inactive.

One of the most famous puzzle-inventors! He left mysteriously and his last puzzle was around three months ago.

Metalmanager quit and left his puzzles alone. His puzzles' latest round was three months ago.

It is unknown but Flystar55555 had not edited that page for few weeks. It was also pretty hard (no offence!) on the first try and somehow not many users came and played.

Though he's still around, he left his puzzles most probably. It only had one round.

Away from the computer


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