This is the official brotherhood and relations treaty between the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki and the Club Penguin Wiki.


This is an official diplomatic treaty. It must be treated with respect, and must be accepted both by the two parties in this bill, who are the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki and the Club Penguin Wiki. This treaty will ensure safe,and good relations with both wikis.This bill must be signed by representatives from the Club Penguin Wiki and the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki before intial laying down of the bill.


  • Each Wiki may give each other feedback, on a specified project page, known as a Feedback page.
  • Each Wiki may freely visit each wiki, and may edit pages as well, but must be within the wiki's editing policies
  • Each Wiki may respect either wiki, it's articles, users, talk pages, blogs, etc.
  • Each Wiki may not comment negatively on the other wiki's idealogys and style.
  • Each Wiki may give one another Constructive Criticsism,but must be in a kind way, and not provokative or threatening.
  • Each Wiki may not give comments like: "I Give You all an F on your Wikia Report card", or anything else offensive to users.

Section I

Both wikis shall give either wiki the utmost respect on either wiki's website,and may not leave any offensive comments, racial slurs or anything against each wiki's Policy or Code of Conduct. All users on either wiki may visit the other wiki freely and may leave their opinions,give feedback on the wiki's Feedback page. Each wiki may give one another constructive crticism, but must be in a nice way, and may not give mean comments such as "I give you all an F on your Wikia Report Card", and are not accepted. If either of the two wikis does not follow the policy, Section I of this treaty may be revoked and removed from policy until an agreement is reached with either wiki

Section II

Both wikis may not comment negatively on the other wiki's idealogies, style of writing and focus of articles. Users may leave however, kind and positive comments on either wiki, about the other wiki's idealogies, as it will be more difficult with relations, as either wikis gives the other wiki negative comments, because the comments may offend certain users on either wiki. This section may also be revoked like Section I, and removed until an agreement is reached


If any problems happen, both wikis may need to negotiate and discuss on an IRC channel or Chat Box, or via Talk page messages.All parts of the treaty may be revoked by either wiki, and removed from either wikis policy until a deal is reached as said above. Until this is signed both by users from both wikis, the treaty is not fully laid down.


CPFW Representatives

22:55, April 11, 2010 (UTC)

CPW Representatives

I only hated Fanon because TurtleShroom hated CPW's reforms and he went all against me and tried to take me down. Things have changed. Either way I'm not joining the wiki to make fictional CP articles. --Tigernose Talk 00:24, April 11, 2010 (UTC)
  • Treaty! Yay! Wonderweez 00:19, April 11, 2010 (UTC)Wonderweez
  • When I first went to the CPW,it was like love at first site. At first,I was a newbie. Now,I am one of the famous ones on the wiki (that's what SBR09 said,the others are HP and Brookelas). The wiki is so cool,I'll never quit again. Gary the Gaget Dude Talk to me!
  • Seahorseruler, please sign here!
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