Club Penguin Fan Universe

Hey everyone! We will now be starting a new award system! Including templates, you could design your own award or take yours from another wiki and whoever you think is great, place it on his/her's award section of his userpage! This is to promote the community's ties with each other. Alos, there are wiki awards which would be given to:

  • Users with many, many, many edits (if he gets a 500-edit award, and he later has a 1000-edit award, he should replace it if so)
  • Users of the week
  • And so much more!

Come and join in the fun! And... if you see vacant slots of the wiki awards, insert one for it!

Wiki Awards

Here are awards from the wiki!

500 Edits

500.jpg This user has reached beyond 500 edits! Well done!

1000 Edits

1000.jpg This user is a great contributor and has reached beyond 1000 edits! Amazing!

3000 Edits

3000 Star.png This user has edited a lot and has over 3000 edits! Well done!

5,000 and over

5000 edits.png This user is one of the most contributed users because they've earned over 5000 edits!

User Awards

Here are awards from all you users!