Club Penguin Fan Universe

Hi there! This is where we comprimise two articles based on one parody. We will decide on:

  • Whether we should merge or not (new ones only)
  • The new title
  • What content?

So... COM-PRO-MISE and add more!!!


First of all, the two sides will decide whether they want to merge. A majority rule vote decides whether to initiate a merge or not.

Next, the users decide which title to use. You may also add more titles to the fray. Once again, a majority rule vote decides which title to use.

Second, the users decide what content to use for the new article. For example, if two articles, one about snowballs and the other about icicles, were merged, the new article content could be about snowballs, icicles, or snow and ice formations in general. Once again, a majority vote decides the article's content.

Finally, the new article will be constructed based upon the previously built blueprint. The merger form is then deleted.

Here is an example: Article Merging/Example

Current Mergers

Pufflemon Vs. Pengumon

These are both paordies of Pokemon! Vote!





Penguin Hero vs. Ultimate Guitar Band

I suggest we use the name and statics of Penguin Hero but combine some features of the Ultimate Guitar Band.


Alex001 User talk:Alex001 08:09, May 6, 2010 (UTC)