Club Penguin Fan Universe

Club Penguin Arcade
The cabinet
Vital statistics
Type Arcade game
Effects Happiness
Source Independent company
Location Random arcades
Cost to buy 100 coins
Cost to sell 99 coins

Club Penguin Arcade Game is an arcade game machine that has no official title and was constructed independently by an unknown manufacturer. There are currently 128 units continentally, some even containing duplicates. This arcade game was manufactured between 2005 to 2007, and a special edition in 2009, and is still allowed to be sold. Rumors that a sequel will be produced were proven false at the end of 2009, but it was later announced that it was TRUE.


One day, while The Antics Brothers and Happyface and Barkjon are strolling down the Plaza, walking Explorer's Puffles, Herbert Horror runs out of the Pizza Parlor and into Barkjon. The encounter makes him drop the leash he was holding, and the others, in shock, drop theirs as well. Herbert Horror then grabs the leashes and takes off, leaving the others befuddled.

The quartet rushes off to rescue the puffles. (Of course, no one saves Mabel, but, with a little help from her brother friend person, she sneaks to the group at the end and joins them secretly.)

Each character has a unique weapon:

  • Explorer uses his shovel.
  • Barkjon uses his drumsticks.
  • Fred uses his triangle.
  • Happyface uses his bare flippers.

Enemies range from Mabel Mongrel Klan members to living pencils. Bosses are as following:

  • Level 1: A Doom Knight attacks with his mullet. You save Zippy.
  • Level 2: Metal Explorer uses his fists. You save Clyde.
  • Level 3: MicroChip uses his flippers. You save encounter Mabel, the only puffle who you don't rescue.
  • Level 4: Xary uses his laser gun. You save Xavier.
  • Level 5: Robo-Gary uses his Homing Laser. You save Scooter.
  • Level 6: The Magma Puffle uses his lava balls. You save Shadow.
  • Level 7: WitchyPenguin uses her magic. You save Danny.
  • Level 8: Herbert Horror uses his Crabs O' Evil. When he goes down, Darktan appears and traps all the puffles -- AGAIN. You must then fight him. He attacks with the Shadow Amulet. (You are given the Light Amulet by Luce for this.) When you beat him, he transforms into the Maledict, with him using fireballs and lightning. Beat HIM and you win the game.


This was one of the few games that were 'honoured' by The Happyface State. Most critics gave this 8/10 due to the flow of the plot along with the interesting graphics used despite being a 6th-generation video game. International-Antarctic Video Game Critics, or IAVGC, has approved this as an "IAVGC-approved game", and customers had given it a 7.8/10 rating on an average scale.

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