Club Penguin AirFlights Flight 3352
N175CA on fire shortly after takeoff
Vital statistics
name Club Penguin AirFlights Flight 3352
Date 2 July 2000
Type Tyre Explosion
Site South Pole City Airport
Passengers 73
Crew 6
Injuries 0
Fatalities 79(all)
Survivors 0(none)
Aircraft Type Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde
Operator Club Penguin AirFlights
Tail Number N175CA
Flight Origin South Pole City-Dellas Airport
Stopover N/A
Destination New Club Penguin International Airport

Club Penguin AirFlights flight 3352 was a charter Concorde supersonic flight from South Pole City Airport to New Club Penguin International Airport. On July 2, 2000, the Concorde burst a tire while takeoff due to overspeed. The debris thrown from the tyres punctured the Left wing fuel tank causing a fire. The plane managed to stay airborne for 10 minutes before it smashed into an empty field 12 kilometers from the airport. All 79 passengers and crew perished in the crash.

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