Club Penguin Fan Universe
Club Penguin: Game Day! for Snowtendo Vii
Club Penguin- Game Day! image
Vital statistics
Type Snowtendo Vii
Effects Awesomeness!
Source Snowtendo Factory in Dorkugal
Location Video game stores
Cost to buy 50 coins
Cost to sell 100 coins

Club Penguin: Game Day! is a new Snowtendo Vii game. It is rated E. It is set for release on August 12, 2010.


It is a disk for the Vii system. You start it up quite simply. Pop the disk in (make sure the label faces left) and go to the game section of your screen. Make sure you select Vii game and not GameSphere!

Gameplay is simpler than you think. The design is that of a Snowtendo DS/WaddleBoy game. Whatever button/direction you wave the controller/Nunchunk will appear on the screen.

Characters are: RS, Tails6000, Maddie, Mr Cow2, Hone783 (addy1234), and PabloDePablo. You also have the option to make your own character, answering questions to decide your personality and traits.

The minigames are Coffee Beans, Cold Puffle, Sled To Slip and Sumo Brawl.


  • Since Rocket Slug and Maddieworld are video game testers, they got a copy of the game after they were done testing it.
  • RS is actually done with the game.

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