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Clearwater Island

A view of a section of the Lendfell's private expanse of beach. Photo take by Eve Lendfell.

A view of a section of the Lendfell's private expanse of beach, with the family sailboat, The Mullet, moored in the ocean and Rona Lendfell's legendary gold surfboard to the left. Photo take by Eve Lendfell.]]
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Vital statistics
Type Tropical Island, oddly.
Level 100+
Location Off the coast of Eastshield.
Inhabitants Tourists, a few penguins that own shops, a couple of assorted puffles

MottoCelebrate summer!
AnthemThe theme from, "Catchin' Waves"
(and largest city)
Official languages USA English
Recognised regional languages USA English
Species  Tourist penguins, Normal Penguins, Puffles
Demonym Clearwateran
Free Republic Colonized as a USA Free Republic 
 -  Colonization 1998 
 -  Inducted into the USA 1999 
 -  Major Expansion 2001 
 -  Water (%) 70%
 -  2009 estimate 211 natives at last estimate 
 -  2000 census 110 natives 
 -  Density 13/km2 
33.7/sq mi
Currency Shells (1 pink shell = 5 brown shells = 9 white shells)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 345
Only has one official city. Other settlements are towns.

Clearwater Island is an island located off the coast of Trans-Antarctica. This is the where the town, Beachville is located. The island itself looks like a whale's body from above.


It was found in 1998 by Eve and Rona Lendfell's father, and inducted into the USA in 1999. It is a popoular tourist destination due to Beachville and all of the jungles deeper into the island. It is unknown why it has a tropical climate, with it being so close to Antartica. It is different, but not a bad kind of different. It is treated like it's own private country, since it is self-supporting. It is NOT a real, official country in the USA, though. It IS a free republic. The South Pole Council goes there every summer on vacation. Free Republic English is not used there, instead USA english is used. The Lendfells have a private expanse of beach and a cove all to themselves.

Clearwater Island!

A tourist's map of the island.


Beachville, the popular Clearwater Bay, the jungles, beaches. Some tropical themed shops, several piers and the Lendfell's private cove.



Clearwater Island's official flag.

Tourists, some penguins that own shops, a few assorted puffles. Eve Lendfell, the delegate for it in the South Pole Council, was born there, and her sister, Rona Lendfell lives there.


Orcas and seals far out in the oceans, focci in the jungles.


Sunshine, real sand, beach items, cheesy souveniers.

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