Club Penguin Fan Universe

The Clan of the Dark Penguins or CDP is an evil clan that was started by Gilligan the Penguin, when he finally went off the deep end. Gilligan gathered four other evil members of his family to officially start it up, and since they are very secretive, the PSA haven't found out about them just yet.


Gilligan the Penguin[]

The founder of the CDP, and the most evil member of the Penguin family. He is the uncle of none other than Willy the Penguin, whom dislikes his evil uncle.

Jordan the Penguin[]

Jordan is Willy's insane uncle and Gilligan's insane brother. He comes up with all the different explosives that the Clan uses. (As in pie bombs and such. He's not that crazy)

Steven the Penguin[]

Gilligan's brother and Willy's uncle. Steven is the most brilliant member of the group, as he devises all the plans and the like. He is not completely evil, but Gilligan forced him into it.

Maria the Penguin[]

Gilligan's sister and Willy's aunt. She likes her nephew, but believes that

The Unknown[]

The Unknown is the most evil creature next to Darktan, but its completely unknown to the rest of the USA expect the CDP and Willy, and is Willy's worst enemy, because he actually formed the group, even though Gilligan is often credited with it, (as he is the leader) because Unknown has a plan to completely overhaul the USA into darkness along with Darktan and make every penguin evil.


  • The Penguin family members are evil, yet comical
  • The Unknown actually made the other members evil
  • The clan has gotten more evil lately, and are more secretive.