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Chuck Chomper
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Vital statistics
Title King of the Chomp Flowers
Gender It's a plant
Race Chomp Flower
Faction Evil
Health Okay
Level Unkown
Status Working for Herbert
Location Dorkugese Jungle
Occupation Ruling the Chomp Flowers
Interests Eating
Friends Herbert, Klutzy
Enemies Explorer, Fred

Chuck Chomper is an abnormally large Chomp Flower and an ally of Herbert. He loves eating, but somehow only gets Fat off of water. He hates Explorer and Fred and constantlly tries to make them his next meal.


Chuck Chomper was born with abnormal growth due to his seed being planted in Ditto infected soil. As he got older he began to boss the others of his species around. He claimed himself ruler of the Chomp Flowers and sometimes even tries to rule the Dorkugese Jungle. One day however Klutzy came to the flower and asked if he would assist him and Herbert if the bear in taking over and remaking Antarctica. The plant agreed if Herbert would promise to give him enough food to eat everyday and give him the entire Jungle. Klutzy gave the message to Herbert and the bear agreed. Chuck attempted to get rid of Herbert's rival Explorer, but was defeated. He was extremely humilated. Since then he's tried many times to get his revenge on the penguin.


Chuck Chomper is one of Herbert's strongest allies. He tries to help him when he can, but is allways defeated the Antic Brothers.


  • He's a parody of Petey Piranah.

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