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Chub667X image
Vital statistics
Title Chub667X
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction EVIL!!!
Health Unfotunately, alive!
Level EVIL!!
Status Eating Ditto
Location His seceret lair in Pingko

Chub 667X is Chub 777's X-Antibody. He is also known as Chub X or 667X.


One day when Chub 777 was working on a Cream Soda plantation. He was getting Soda Roots for the Cream Soda Factory when he began sneezing violently until he fell down a hill. On his last sneeze, blue goo shot out of his nose. A figure of a penguin like him formed out of the goo. Hello, Chub 777... *cackles*
"Wh-wh-who are you?"
You don't know? Well I'm your X-Antibody, Chub 667X *points to the 'X' on his forehead.
"So...SURRENDER!" *pulls out Banana Blaster and shoots*
*falls down a hill*Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I'll be back and you know thaaaaaaaat!! *disappears*
"Boy...that I should tell the guys at the warehouse."

*runs off to the Soda Root storage warehouse*

Since then Chub 777 has met his Antibody 8 times.


Somehow, Chub667X eats Ditto. It is unknown why but a to-do list revealed that it's his food. He is also the only X-Antibody immune to Ditto. The reason for this is unknown. Chub667X also uses the waste Ditto in battle. Beacause of this he has strange powers. They are:

  • Ditto ball-an orb of a glowing mix of all the Dittos.
  • Waste Ditto ball-a ball of waste Ditto hurling at you at 50 miles an hour.
  • Fire blast-something like the hot sause with Card-Jitsu only without the bottle.
  • Water orb-an orb of water thats very cold.
  • Ice shot-freezes an opponent and gives a ray of soft snow.
  • Earth beam-a vortex of leaves and rock hurl at you.
  • Wind ray-creates a mini tornado.

To-do list[]

Emergency Procedure[]

The procedures below were printed in 2008 by Aunt Arctic.

In Pingko[]

  1. Find a Ditto puddle
  2. Throw some Ditto
  3. Run away and hide
    1. If he follows you repeat step 2
    2. If he doesn't follow you continue running and call the PSA

Anywhere else[]

  1. Run away
  2. Throw snowballs or use weapon(s) of choice
  3. Continue running until you find a place to hide
  4. Hide and hope he doesn't find you
    1. If he does find do keep running away and hiding
    2. If he doesn't find you call Chub 777's answering machine (1800-777-ANSWER)and follow the promts


  • Other names for him are ChubX, Chub667 and Chub(z)Antibody.
  • Unlike any other Antibody, Chub667X eats Ditto A, B or C.
  • ChubX tends to float rather than walking.
  • Chub667 now lives in his DOOM-lair in Pingko, feeding on the Ditto (which cleans the place up!).
  • He hand crafted his staff from stolen gold coins that come from CP.
  • Because of this, Chub 777 now carries his heavily modified Banana Blaster.
  • Chub667X has his own ID! (OH NOEZ):

*gasp*THE FAKE ID!

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