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Christmas in July was an official holiday in the USA since 2004 until 2007. It was noted as "pointless". This holiday's point was to make anoher Christmas. It was an other free day (other to Christmas). The day was Thursday in the second week of July, so it was moving. It was mostly enjoyed in hot places, like Warmslates. Instead of the Santa Claus, a snail came to give presents. Many of the community was laughing at this.


Originally, the idea came up in June, 2003. An anonymous penguin bribed the South Pole Council to make the Christmas an official day. It was thought to be spent on warmer places, but it wasn't warm enough. In 2004 it was moved to July, and it was celebrated for three years. In 2007, penguins forgot about it, and the celebrations were very small. On 26th of July, 2007 the council "banned" the holiday, because of it being pointless and stupid. Most of the community was neutral to the decision, but its' biggest fans were really disappointed, and organised a rebellion. It was quickly managed with, and the holiday never showed up since 2007 anymore.

Santa's Food[]

Unlike Christmas in December, Snail wants Coke and Potato Chips instead of Milk and Chocolate Chip Cookies. He also likes regular chips. If you don't leave Coke and Chips for Snail Claus, he'll be sad.