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Chor Flames Inferno
Hey, for such a NASTY last name, he shouldn't be as EVIL as Mabel, right?
Vital statistics
Title The Evil puffle
Gender Male
Race Talking yellow puffle
Faction Inferno
Health Good sadly
Level 100
Status Trying to be Mabel's friend
Location Dara's igloo

Like all puffles he was herded form the wild, unlike MOST, he's a yellow puffle but denies it, he says he's a blue puffle for some reason. He also paints very good and somehow wants to be Mabel and Mabel X's friend. He gets punched by other puffles a lot but claims he likes it. He hates it in truth but denies it and he's really easily hurt. He has been punched by Ethan before, he screamed REALLY loud...


He is somehow extremely vulnerable to pain so he gets hurt a lot, A single punch, even lightly causes him pain. He loves to paint and has painted a lot of stuff. Hes also seen blue from paint, it always washes off in anyway possible.

More history[]

He was born to two caring parents (Not loving, just caring). he always liked to paint and considered himself "blue" cause he always painted blue things. Later he became certain he's blue and not a yellow puffle. He usually eats things other then O-Berries and Puffle-O's, like plants or seaweed. He later started learning of Mabel and Mabel X, he instantly wanted to be there friends and went off to find them. He is rather mean but NOT I REPEAT NOT anything like Mabel/evil. He still paints and mainly tries to be Mabel's friend.


  • He thinks Cabel is strange and ignorant.
  • Ethan for some reason likes scaring him and calling him a yellow puffle.

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I AM A BLUE PUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While meeting Ethan for the first time

Ethan: HI! I like Mabel!

Chor: Who? Oh yeah her, I wanna be her friend!

Ethan: 0_0 I think he hates yellow puffles

Chor: I AM A BLUE PUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!

Ethan: 0_0 your yellow.....

Chor: I AM BLUE!!!!