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Chin Yang
Chin Yang copy
Chin Yang at the time of his promotion to Sensei.
Vital statistics
Title Master Chin Yang
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Ninjas
Health Deceased
Level Master Novice (?)
Status Deceased
Location Buried in the Hochstadt Sanctuary
Occupation (Former) Sensei of Ninjas
Interests Reorganizing the belt system
Friends Ninjas, Hokkaido Master
Enemies None
Archetype Good

Chin Yang was the seventieth Sensei. He is also the ancestor of Swiss Ninja. Jing Yang is named after him.


After Hokkaido Master died, Chin Yang became the new master. He was unexperienced, (only a red belt) and damaged the Dojo in his first attempt at training new students. Much information was lost, and this made a great gaping hole in the Dojo archives. Information about Hokkaido and The Three Masters was found in the basements of the Dojo in 1990. Later, the USA government and Swiss Ninja separately recovered information on this Sensei.

Early life[]

Chin Yang was the son of the famous explorer Pengo Pollo. Pengo Pollo made Chin Yang start training with the Hokkaido Master when he was only three years old. He trained for many more years until his master died. He was only a red belt when this happened. He damaged the Dojo because of inexperience, and ran away into the forest to train harder.


After learning and mastering the art of Card Jitsu, He went off to teach it to penguins around the Antartcic. He never had an official school building, but he taught penguins in their own igloos. Strangely enough, he changed the original belt ranking system to a much shorter belt ranking system to get to a ninja. Here it is:

  • Rank 1: White Belt- All brand New Penguins already start with a white belt
  • Rank 2: Yellow Belt
  • Rank 3: Green Belt
  • Rank 4: Brown Belt
  • Rank 5: Black Belt
  • Rank 6: Ninja

His way of belt ranking was looked upon as strange in those days. However, many penguins liked it, and many became ninjas very quickly. Chin Yang did that for twenty years before beginning his search for his successor. One day, he had realized that he must find a successor to keep on training ninjas. However, he fell in love with a beautiful penguin. They had two chicks that they named Tsoi and Li, who became two of The Five Senseis. Chin Yang chose them as his successors. He trained them greatly, and passed on the traditions of the Ninja.


One day, Chin Yang got sick, and sadly died. His followers buried him in the mountains and made a statue of him in his honor. For three months, ninjas mourned for him until his sons decided to begin training ninjas again.


  • At the time, many ninjas thought that it was wrong for Chin Yang to change the belt system.
  • Chin Yang invented the modern Card-Jitsu belt colors.

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