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Chi Conion Game Studios
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Vital statistics
Type Gaming Studio
Level 258
Location 88 Chi Chon Blvd.
Inhabitants 277 employees

Chi Conion Game Studios is a popular game studio founded by A an unidentified Chi Conion in early 2005. They have created games such as Darkton Wars series and the Chi-Chon Wars series as well. The company is headquartered in Club Penguin City.


The company started after an unidentified Chi Conion, a former employee of International Games Inc., created the company in 2005, and hired about 177 penguins at first. The company created at first, Darkton wars, as a simulation of the war in a game. The company soon created two more sequels of the game later in the coming months. The Studios partnered with Snowtendo, PengStation and Doors, to create many games for the systems. The company is supposedly creating, ACP: Life in the Army, as well as Dystopia!: The Game.


Makes cool games even though of only 277 people in it.


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