Club Penguin Fan Universe
It's "fun", IN A JAR!
Vital statistics
Type Mind control gas
Effects Makes you mind-controlled by the person closest to you
Source Weapon Stores
Location Everywhere
Cost to buy 1,999 pebbles
Cost to sell 2,000 pebbles

Chespanyr is a mind control gas that was formed during the Attack of Flywish. Some say the possibility is that it was either invented by Kyle or WishFlyX.


WishFlyX had a black mysterious vase. The penguin who sold it to him said that he is not to break it or else it will form into gas. WishFlyX was intelligent though, and when Flywish attacked, he put the vase in a room where it was easily destroyed. Flywish then ordered his army to destroy everything of WishFlyX's and Kyle smashed the vase causing the gas to spray him. He was mind controlled by WishFlyX for five hours. During that time, WishFlyX learned many important secrets. However, Flywish found out the potent properties of this gas and decided to put it on the blades of knicicles, inside Powerbombs, and in the Ditto A mix of fire swords. Flywish also sold them and they became used very often. Darktan hated them because they were a disgrace to his Doom Weed. Flywish had gotten many to work for him at least for five hours. It is currently unknown how it mind controls you. A theory is that it contains a very thin line of neurons in the gas that connects from one brain to the other. However, this is very disputed. The USA does not like this weapon, because it is afraid Penghis Khan may get some. And if Penghis Khan aquired some of this...this is the reason why Chespanyr is mysterious and not known about to well.

Later, This item was distrbuted all over Antarctica. It was successful and it made WishFlyX and Flywish a lot of money. It was put in dust, liquids in jars, and even spray tanks. It has turned a lot of heroes into villains. It also has put many penguins in the hospital if they would make the penguins beat themselves up bad. This item once formed into a monster that was destroyed. It is currently unknown why it was called Chespanyr. G does not like it either because it can mess up his inventions. Chespanyr is not to be thrown ino someone's eyes or else it will burn and it won't have no effect. It is filled with Ditto A and some kind of painful source.

Possible Inventors[]

  • The inventor of the vase
  • WishFlyX
  • Kyle
  • Flywish

Items it is used in[]

  • Missiles


  • Flywish is the highest suspect of making it, seeing as he made Powerbombs and Knicicles.


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