Club Penguin Fan Universe

Cheesy is an insane petguin who thinks he's a hamster. He is in the Str00del Force.


Cheesy started out normal. As a chick, he was OBSESSED with cheese. When a cheese shortage began, he decided to become a petguin. He wore the color orange, grew buck teeth, and began living in a giant cage. He moved to The Pet Shop. He spent his days eating pellets and cheese. He met a Mwa Mwa Penguin named Toaster223, who, like Cheesy, was being mocked for his name. They met a clock named Clockie, who told them about The Str00del Force. He and Toaster decided to join.


  • "Mmmmmm..."
  • "Woo-hoo!"
  • "Gnaws on Pellet."
  • "GRRRRRR..."
  • "Squeak!"
  • "Cheese..."


  • He likes the smell of waffles with melted Swiss cheese on top.
  • He is in The Fellowship of the Waffle.
  • He calls nacho cheese-flavored Poritos "cheese".
  • He LOVES to eat nachos at Taco Ball.
  • He likes to sniff the Nachos (the army).