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This article is about the island, where Absolute Thespian Islet is filmed. To see the island in NNE, go to Charles Island.

Charles' Key
Charles' Key image
The filming site of Absolute Thespian Islet, and the home of Charles Maniaca von Injoface. For some reason, Judgement Hall and Charles' Mansion are not shown in this photograph.
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Vital statistics
Type Island, Television Series Location
Level 10,000,000 Coins, anyone?
Location To the north of Lichenblossom Isles.
Inhabitants Charles, the Victims Campers of the show.

Charles' Key is Charles Maniaca von Injoface's home and the site of Absolute Thespian Islet. It is quite a pretty place unless you're playing the game, where it becomes a torture site.


Founded in Februrary 2009 by Charles himself, he settled in, built a mansion (via taxpayer money from a friend), and lived happily until about May of the same year. It was then that inspiration (and funding) struck, and when Charles decided to use his own island as a site for a show he claimed to be "raw, pure emotional art at its finest", Absolute Thespian Islet.


Locations include:

  • Charles' Manor. This is the host's personal mansion, no guests allowed. The entire von Injoface family gathers here on the occasion, they get along quite well.
    • TDI equivalent: None.
  • Cafeteria of Choas. This is where the chef of the series, Chef Couperet, cooks nauseating food which the penguins must eat in certain challenges. Since Penguins can't vomit, "it makes for great television", to quote Charles.
    • TDI equivalent: Cafeteria. Chef is "Chef Ax".
  • The Other Tallest Mountain. The highest mountain for miles, TOTM is a predominat location for skydiving and other fearful events. Do not worry, however, the COC forced Charles to make sure no one gets hurt (that, and to avoid lawsuits).
    • TDI equivalent: The large Cliff easily visible in the show.
  • The Pier of Humiliation. Those who are eliminated from the game must waddle down this stretch of wood and board The Vessel of Defeat.
    • TDI equivalent: Dock of Shame, Boat of Losers.
  • Judgement Hall. The area where the elimination process is done. It's a beautiful marble building orderned in and out with statues of (you guessed it) Charles and the other von Injoface family. Red carpet, a huge fireplace, and crystal chadiliers round out the one room, 1000x1000 square foot building.
    • TDI equivalent: Campfire Ceremony. Not nearly as fancy.


Charles, various wildlife, and the campers. Sometimes the entire von Injofcae family comes by, making the place a whole lot worse.


Charles is a pretty big villain.


Pain, stuffed Mabel toys, more pain, relationship disputes, arrogance, sadism, a whole lof of money, and one evil Mabel Relative.

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