Club Penguin Fan Universe

The Carepenter Family is Canuck67's fostercare family. They get along well, and live in a very large igloo in Lightville, in Eastshield. They are very nice, and Canuck calles Gord and Judy his Mum and Dad.

Family Members[]

Gord, Age 40. Gord is the father, of a highly Freezelandian background. He works at the Lightville Hydro plant.

Judy, Age 39. Judy is the mother, and the one who chose to care for Canuck.

Canuck, Age 13. The music loving, outdoresy, fosterchick.

Gordy, age 11. The hyper, funloving, firstbon chick of Judy.

Andy, age 8. The smart, secondborn, bookworm.

Mikey, age 5. The curious, young, chick.