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Carlotta Jean Browne
She's an actor and a singer.
Vital statistics
Title Carlotta "Carly" Browne
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Don't ask her.........
Health Normal
Level 100%
Status Alive
Location Antarctic Peninsula, a recording studio, or a photo shoot.

Carlotta "Carly" Browne was a penguin with a dream that came true by the help of a talent agent named Sylvia.


Carlotta Jean Browne, also known as "Carly" or "CJ", was a penguin with a dream to become an artist at age five. She heard the teachings of Emily von Injoface and thought that she would achieve her goals if she was popular. She wasn't very attractive, and knew about this, but didn't want to wear makeup. She decided to become very nice and polite, and this got many people to like her, although she didn't really like them much. At school, she enlisted in theater class and painting, and was still nice to many people. One day, her mom took her to the mall to get new hi-tops for her sister, and there was a karaoke machine there. Carlotta went there and started singing. A talent agent stopped her mother and said, "Hey! That's one mighty talented girl you got there. Mind if I hold her?" Carlotta's mother passed her over to the talent agent. Carlotta started whining. The talent agent told her that she's very pretty and she wanted to make her a celebrity. "Really?" asked her mom. The talent agent gave her her card and made little Carlotta a theater and music star. Her talent agent was a real brown noser, and told Carlotta that she was very beautiful and talented, which both knew wasn't true, but it helped Carly's self-esteem. She began performing in a junior theater company and recorded her first album, Carlottadansen for her friends that wanted to throw a party. After three years, she decided to start being an actress in the Awesome Drama Theater. Now, she's just doing photo shoots, concerts, and signing autographs for her fans, and hanging out with her friends, so they will like her. She is currently sixteen.


Carly enjoys sushi restaurants and hanging out with her friends.


  • She is somewhat pretty, somewhat ugly. She is insecure about her looks, but doesn't like using makeup to make her prettier. She uses her hair to cover part of her face and make it seem darker, and smiles a lot.
  • She once attempted to dye her hair blond. (It's a very dark brunette.) To make a long story short, didn't work.
  • Because she is nice to everyone, everyone thinks she likes them. This is not true, and she will rarely tell anyone what she doesn't like about them no matter how annoyed she is, sometimes resulting in an abrupt breakup.

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