Club Penguin Fan Universe

Card Jitsu Penguin Is the true story of a large penguin named joe who lives in "The Valley Of Cheese" a small valley in the HunEmpire hidden from the rest of the world.Joe has to master the arts of Card Jitsu to become The Jitsu Warrior and save The Valley Of Cheese from tied lung (tied lung's name may be changed later) an evil cat who has escaped from a prison (the prisons name I havent come up with yet).

Chapter one:Prologue[]

Long ago in an ancient time of timeless time.when mystical warriors roamed the land.the most awesome card jitsu fighters in all of the fanon world..."The Ferocious Five" protected the valley of cheese.

But soon would rise a fighter of such skill and legendary awesomeness that even "The Ferocious Five" would bowed in respect to the Card Jitsu Master....The Jitsu Warrior.

To Tell that story we must go back..back to the begining when the Jitsu Warrior was just a dream.....OK he was just tottaly dreaming

Chapter Two:Joes Day Dream[]