Club Penguin Fan Universe
Card holder
Card holder image
The 2009 version of the card holder
Vital statistics
Type Card-Jitsu acsessory
Effects Holding cards
Source Lots of shops
Location Shops as well as the Dojo
Cost to buy 27 pebbles
Cost to sell 15 pebbles

The Card holder is an acsessory used in Card Jitsu. It is usually used by old penguins who don't bother to actully pick the card up.


In late 2008, Sensei teamed up with G to make the Card-picker-upper 3000. The CPU3K, as it was called consisted of a metal bar that splits in two with rubber balls at the end to help pick the card up. It was a failure and G invented the Card-Jitsu-handle-3000 which was later renamed, the card holder, by Sensei. Since then lazy penguins have been using the Card holder in Card-Jitsu as well in other games like Str00del-J1tzu. It is also used to pick things up like books and pillows.

Prototypes and types[]

  1. Card-picker-upper 3000 (Codename: CPU3K)
  2. Card-picker-upper-FAILURE (Codename: FAILURECARD)
  3. Card-picker-upper-coffee (CN: I drink coffeh)
  4. Card-Jitsu-handle-1000 (CN: PSAHandle)
  5. Card-Jitsu-handle-2000 (CN: CJH2K-WOT)
  6. Card-Jitsu-handle-3000 (CN: CJH3K)
  7. 2008 CJH3K (CN: Card handle)
  8. 2009 CJH3K (CN: Card holder)


  • G sent the original Card-Jitsu-handle-3000 aboard the C-Pengaberg. Chub777 stole it when he came aboard.
  • The original CPU3K is at THE SKIP.

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