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Carcery map
A short-detailed map of Carcery. Purple represents Carcery Vale - the capital city.
National Name Carcey
Leader UnitedTerra Parliament
Country UnitedTerra
Capital Carcery Vale
Biggest city {{{biggestcity}}}
Location Western Terrain
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles
Other Info
Level 100
Alliance Antarctica
Neighbours Carcery Vale, Neo Domino City

Carcery is a state in the UnitedTerra, and is the home of the Grand Controller, Mayor Crepsley. It's name originates from the TerraLish language, meaning a small area or a large block of houses. It is located in the Western Terrain of UnitedTerra, and has a capital city called Carcery Vale. The controller of the whole of UnitedTerra, Mayor Crepsley has more control over Carcery than any place in the terrain. There are currently over 12,000 penguins living in the small area.


Carcery was a recently started state-area in 2009. It was decided during a meeting in the UnitedTerra Parliament that Mayor Crepsley should have his own state and become mayor or it. This was because he originated from that part of UnitedTerra. This was in March 2008. Then soon after in April 2008, planning & construction of the land had soon begun. Then in July 2009, an opening ceremony commenced, and Mayor Crepsley got his top hat & sash at the ceremony, and cut the ribbon and declared the state open. Many penguins moved straight away, and by mid-October, over 2000 penguins had already moved from places like Neo Domino City, Eastshield, Club Penguin & Satellite City. The population grew, and is currently a stable state, which a capital city called Carcery Vale - a small city.






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