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Cape District
Location of Cape District.
Location of Cape District in New West City.
Urban area New West City
Area 38 km²
Population 5.000
Population density 132/km²
Mayor Mareqe Chatham
The least inhabited area in NWC

Cape District is a southern-most district in the New West City. It is the least inhabited (density 132 per square km). The borough's mayor is Mareqe Chatham. This is the only district of NWC, which has a different mayor, than Idoreconise.


It is the newest district of New West City. It used to be very crowded, but most penguins moved further north. It now is very barely inhabited, and mainly on the south-eastern part. It wasn't founded, it was just made to join the city in May, 2009. It is full of hills, so it is not likely to be inhabited. On the western part it is full of cliffs, with danger to fell into the sea. With such a small population, the mayor doesn't have a lot of work to do. Penguins, who live there usually want to live away from their polluted and noisy workplaces. Land was set to be expensive here to prevent over population.


Places CD map

The red dot indicates the Sled Hill.

The borough is inhabited only in then south-eastern part. Close to the suburbs is the famous Sled Hill. It is a popular Hill for Sledding. In May, 2009 it was open for the whole year. Sledding here isn't on snow, like in Club Penguin, but on grass. Sled, with special iron is perfect for such sport. It has three main courses. The rest of the borough is very barely inhabited, or none.


  • Penguins.
  • Lots of wild puffles.
  • Sometimes, squids on the seashore.

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