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Canncas Island
Canncas image
Canncas Beach.
Canncas map
The island in 65% consists of beaches.
Vital statistics
Type Beachy island.
Level 20
Location Warmslates
Inhabitants Penguins.

Canncas is a tropical island in northern Warmslates. It consists mostly of beaches. The island has the longest beaches in the USA (the only one single longer beach is on South Island. It has a small harbour, but no traveller ships arrive there. Penguiki is very close to the island, so small charter ships from there may arrive to the island. It was the last island colonised in the republic. It is the fourth biggest, after Penguiki, Denes, and Zandomia.


It was founded in 2000. Firstly, it was recognised as a desert island, so it wasn't inhabited for a long time. Then, "green" land was noticed from the sky. And the island became a nice holiday resort, too. The island isn't as famous as Penguiki is, but most penguins enjoy holidays on the island.


Most of the island's inhabitants stay there for holiday vacations. They have their houses built there. Most shops are open only on summker holidays, as no business may be made, when there are no outside visitors.