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Candy Land
Candylandcover meaghan
Studio album by Meaghan
ReleasedFebruary 10, 2011
GenrePop, Dance
LabelMusic Industry, Childpengu1 Records
ProducerChildpengu1, Meaghan
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Candy Land
Years to Come
Singles from CandyLand
  1. "Telahphonian Gurls"
    Released: December 14, 2010.

The deluxe cover of the album

Candy Land (stylized as "CandyLand") is Meaghan's second studio album. After the cancellation of "Electricity" lead to the creation of "Candy Land". The album is set to release on February 10, 2011 in Antarctica. The recording of the album was while Meaghan was touring at the "Camouflage Tour". The track list is still unknown, but there's only 3 confirmed songs: "Telahphonian Gurls", "Glitter" and "Cotton Candy Clouds". The last two songs were sung live in Meaghan's birthday party.


Candy Land, according to Meaghan, is her biggest work up to date. A lot of promotion of the album was started in August 25, 2010. A huge billboard was raised in one of Tel Ah Phon's most popular places, in front of the Telephone Building. Another was raised in front of the Telephone Arena. Meaghan also sang two songs from the album at her birthday party, which are "Glitter" and "Cotton Candy Clouds". On September 21, 2010 were confirmed 5 songs from the album, "Telahphonian Gurls ft. DJ Crow", "Glitter", "(Evil) Cotton Candy Clouds", "Superstar ft. Tim and Tom" and "The Candy Land ft. Katy Spitz, DJ Crow, Cadence, Tim and Tom". That same day, the cover art for the Deluxe edition of the album was posted in Meaghan's website. It has a "Candy monster" fighting against "The Candy Meaghan". On October 1, the promotion was raised more. Two more billboards announcing an upcoming tour by Meaghan were raised. One more in Neo Domino City announcing the upcoming album, in it three songs are announced: "CandyLand' by Meaghan: Coming very soon. Including the songs "Telahphonian Gurls ft. DJ Crow" "Sugar Pot ft. Katy Spitz" and "Superstar ft. Tim and Tom".

The album is so huge I cannot explain it. I'm already planning the tour and the first performance of several songs from it. Maybe you'll watch 'em at the Antarctic Music Awards.

Meaghan already said she will be performing some songs from the album at the 2011 Antarctic Music Awards.


  • The first single will be named "Telahphonian Gurls", as stated by Meaghan in her birthday party.
  • There will be at least two different covers.
  • There are 7 confirmed songs: "Telahphonian Gurls ft. DJ Crow", "Glitter", "(Evil) Cotton Candy Clouds", "Superstar ft. Tim and Tom", "The Candy Land ft. Katy Spitz, DJ Crow, Cadence, Tim and Tom", "Sugar Pot ft. Katy Spitz" and "Frosting"
  • Until now there are 3 different editions for the album:
    • Basic "Peppermint" Edition
    • Deluxe "Flaming Marshmallows" Edition
    • Super Deluxe "Icecream" Edition

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