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Candy Brand Candy
[[File:Candy candy|250px]]
A Candy Brand Candy sweet.
Vital statistics
Type Confectionary candy, food source, edible/consumption
Effects Cheerfulness, increase in appetite. Mainly a food source.
Source Certain unknown ingredients. Manufactured by Candy Candy Inc.,
Location Antarctica, mainly USA
Cost to buy 10 coins
Cost to sell 10 coins

Candy Brand Candy, or simply Candy Candy is a brand of confectionary candy that is produced by Candy Candy Inc. It was designed as a competitor to Club Penguin Candy Factory's products, and is sponsored by Mech Rider greatly. The candy is a little, chewable ball with a variety of flavors. In a recent poll, it seems that 95% of those who consumed the candy causes cheerfulness for at least an hour (the 5% who said no were mainly Khanz Penguins) , compared to 89% and 87% of Club Penguin Candy Factory. It is currently available in twenty-six colors and cost only ten coins per piece.


The Candy Brand Candy candy is a small, oval-shaped chewable ball of diameter 4cm, sometimes diameter 6cm (the diameter being the length from one to the other end of a circle). The candy itself would be sweet or sour, like all candies, but also gives the consumer an hour of happiness. The candy is packaged in colorful wrapping, most of which are biodegradable. There are 25 flavors of the candy, some of which include:

  • Apple
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry


  • Xorai is also immune to it to the cheerfulness effect.
  • It is Corai's favorite candy, but the candy does not affect his mood as he is, technically, happy all day long.

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