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Club Penguin Times
Vital statistics
Type Reading Material
Effects To let the user know the happenings of USA
Source Reading Material
Location Club Penguin, Sub-Antarctic Islands, South Pole City (Eastshield), Pengu Town (Trans-Antarctica)
Cost to buy Free
Cost to sell Free

The Club Penguin Times (2005-), formerly known as The Penguin Times, is the national newspaper of USA and the state newspaper of Sub-Antarctic Islands. They are very popular indeed. There was a former version known as the The South Pole Times.


The originial CP Times was made in 1993, by Aunt Arctic when she was 27. In 1995, two years after formation, the CP Times was accused of this:

CP Papers contain information fake diracted in editions 57 and 63. Reports also found that CP Times are using paper in extensive ways hurting the trees from Rockhopper Island and Ross Island.
— Jakous M. Sarkozy, reporter in Television ABC

To revive the newspaper, they created the New CP Times which lasted from 1997 to 2000. After facing financial problems in 2000, the company also failed and gone bankrupt.

The newspaper industry's leader shifted from the CP Times to the short-lived Penguin Times, not to be confused with this paper. It was later cancelled when Aunt Arctic shifted to South Pole City as for the 2000 Capital Elections and made her paper, The South Pole Times. It lasted for 4 years. In 2005, she abandoned the paper and later, shifted back to CP and created "The Penguin Times". It has a different format and newer employees. It is recognized as a different company as they said so.

In 2007, The Penguin Times had been renamed The Club Penguin Times and still under the same company. To this day, they had true stories, no financial problems (since they had a huge budget) and no shiftments.


The CP Times have 15 pages and 3 sections (A, B, C)for the user to read. They have the front cover, the top stories (A section), the regular features like Ask Aunt Arctic section and trivia articles (B) and the fun section which comprises jokes, crossword puzzles, quizzes, riddles, etc. (C). In Pengu Town, they replaced Aunt Arctic's section with 24Keyser.

Editors and Employees[]


  • Rumors said that Aunt-Arctic will create some extra newspapers to be hidden in it...
  • Link loves this newspaper most.
  • The Penguin Times (2000-2001) had the same name as this, but lived for one year only.
  • Mabel reads the newspaper, and crushes it by bouncing on it. Explorer 767 scolds her. Like that's a surprise!

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