Club Penguin Fan Universe

The CP Gold Coin Alliance is an International Group of countries that have banned together to use the same currency, this one being the Club Penguin Gold Coin, otherwise known as the USA Fish. Some want it to be the official Currency of the Free Republics Union.



ΩΩ Auzua Mostafique is currently a self-governing territory of several shared countries, including the USA. It therefore uses the coin and joined the CP Gold Coin Alliance, however, the gold coin is not an official currency. A gold coin in Auzua Mostafique is interchangable with notes of the same number, not value, thus leaving Auzua Mostafique's economy in a temporary period of jeopardy.

ΩΩ In Valnordore the CP Gold Coin only sees use by a small minority. The barter system is prefered.


  • The Alliance has helped eliminate Currency exchange Traffic.
  • This alliance if for Currency only.
  • This is a parody of the Euro.

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