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The phrase "CONVERT TO WALRISM" is the official motto and corporate slogan of the Walrus Crime Ring. It is used to entice creatures who are not Walruses to join their evil brigade to destroy Antarctica. In this sense, it has failed. Yet, in another, it succeeded amongst the Walruses.

As a recruitment method[]

The phrase CONVERT TO WALRISM is long rooted in the WCR's inner circle.

Indeed, the phrase can be traced back to mid-2008, where a Walrus was speaking to his minions in a "secret" forum. It's unknown why they didn't use the second language that no creature can dechiper, but the quote was discovered soon enough:

Guys, if you ever contact Turtleshroom, you MUST try to get him to convert to [Walrism]. He'll pretty much [throw a tantrum] and BAWWWWWWWWWWWWW about it on the CPW too."

Although the attempt to make TurtleShroom (penguin) "BAWWWWWW" didn't go as planned, the phrase lived on. Walri begin shouting CONVERT TO WALRISM whenever possible, particularly at TSP when he was nearby. TSP normally responded by striking him with his deletion rod, causing the Walrus to disintegrate into a Void, as a Deletion Missile would do.

Realizing their ranks would be deleted if they kept yelling at a dictator (ya think?),the Walri decided to use CONVERT TO WALRISM on the masses. A few creatures signed up, but by and by, the phrase didn't go too well with non-Walruses. The slogan retreated back to a catchphrase by mid-2009. Walruses now use the phrase "For the Lulz".

As a fad[]

However, the phrase was deemed so comical, random, and stupid by law-abiding citizens that it became a fad in its own right. Capitalizing on this, there are now CONVERT TO WALRISM T-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, and so much more.

CONVERT TO WALRISM is now a common phrase and can be seen or heard at your local Furry Flats concert (as a sign), on a T-shirt, on bumper stickers, and even written on local college essays in the spirit of randomness (Professor Shroomsky and other teachers loved it). As if that wasn't enough, the fad continues: CONVERT TO WALRISM mugs, beanie babies, the works.

Other Phrases and Programs Used by the Walri[]

  • WalrusesHaveMemory is a threat broadcast on the radio by new Walrus recruits, namely WalrusDidKhanzem.
  • That's Mama Walrus to you is a threat broadcast by Big Momma Walrus. She spammed Happyface with it after he insulted her children.
  • WalrusOfTheWeek is a radio program used on the Walrus Radio. It features the Walrus of the Week, and what they did. This is hosted by none other than Walrus1.
  • IT'S WALRI!!! is another threat broadcast on Walrus Radio whenever a Walrus does something amazing. (e.g. hacking into Bill Gate$ bank account)

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