Club Penguin Fan Universe
Crime Doesn't Pay.
Show statistics
Genre Live Action
Created by Dan Beronews
Cast Dan, Dibbs, Yorkay Porkay, Flywish, Bouncer
Airing date July 9, 2010
Opening theme Filmed for Syndication (Click here to hear the tune)
Running time 30 minutes (normal episode), 1 hour (specials) 1 hour and 30 minutes (season finale)
Country of origin The real agency, the CNIC
Language(s) English
Director(s) Dan Beronews
Production company(s) Trademarked
Producers(s) Bouncer
No. of seasons 3 (Ordered)
No. of episodes 50 (Ordered)
External Info
Spin-off(s) None (so far)
Preseries CP Fanon: The Animated Series


Dan got bored and decided to get his Major Case response team to do a show with him. The show airs at 8:00 PM every Friday.


C.N.I.C. follows the daily misadventures and goofing off work in the CNIC office



  • Dan Beronews (Voiced by himself) -Dan being the Admiral, bosses everyone around, except Agent Dibbs, whom he shows great respect for.

  • Roy Dibbs (Voiced by himself) -Roy is the patriot who rose the ranks. He loves his coffee, and, even though he doesn't always show it, his team.

  • Yorkay Porkay (Voiced by herself) -She loves her job, though being a little trigger-happy doesn't help.

  • Flywish (Voiced by himself) -Flywish is awesome. He kicks butt in battle and can relate a movie to anything that happens.

  • Bouncer {Voiced by himself) -He is a talking puffle. When not working, he writes books parodying the team




Season One[]

Season Two[]

Season Three[]

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