Club Penguin Fan Universe
The C-Pengaberg in port
Vital statistics
Type Large, habitable Clipper sail ship
Effects Sailing
Source Built
Location Dock A-01, Highlaw Island
Cost to buy 88,463 Pebbles
Cost to sell Who would sell this?

The C-Pengaberg is Chub 777's private clipper sailing ship. It is currently docked in A-01 at Highlaw Island. Chub 777 is planning to sail it again soon but for now, it's a tourist attraction.


One day Chub 777 wanted to explore the unknown worlds of the Sub-Antarctic. Using his money, he oversaw the building of his private clipper ship. He discovered the island now called Lowlaw Island.

Building timeline[]

See Building of the C-Pengaberg

Sailing Trips[]

  • First test run: 27 November 2008
  • Second test run: 28 November 2008
  • First Lowlaw Island trip: 29 November 2008-21 June 2009
  • Second Lowlaw Island trip: 9 July 2009-25 November 2009

Journal Account[]

A journal account of the journey was written in Chub 777's Journal. It (unfortunately) was lost somewhere aboard the ship.


Chub 777 and a few of his friends are currently restoring the crew lists that blew of the ship. The current list is bellow:

  • Chub 777 (Owner, driver, etc, etc)
  • Perfecto Pengo
  • Frozenpool Maverick (Cody's brother)
  • Mayball Blizzard
  • Peetzahh Ford
  • Suka Silver
  • Tom McFlapp
  • Jackoh Linkoh (I REPEAT, HE HIS NOT LINK)
  • DotDot300 (the Dorkugese electronic guy)
  • You Yesyou
  • Me Yesme
  • Lighttan Cloobpangen

Feel free to add!

Discovering Lowlaw Island[]

On the 18th of June 2009, Chub 777 sighted land, which he named Lowlaw Island. After claming the land he sailed back to Clubpenguin with the help of the AiringJet Current (even though it's in the air). Rockhopper was docked at the beach so the C-Pengaberg had to dock at the docks.


  • Theres a museum full of things from the ship is at 1 Pengaberg Street (which is near the dock)
  • There are ten tour guides running tours of the ship every hour from 9 AM to 7 PM weekdays
  • The ship suceeding it is the C-Explorer