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Burger Fling
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Vital statistics
Title Daylight Theif
Gender It is unknown whether it is a male or a female. We describe him as a male in this article.
Race Somehow a combination of a typical puffle and Gentoo Penguin, or possibly a robot.
Faction He keeps a very low profile to avoid being caught by the PSA.
Health He's quite quick, so it's virtually impossible to catch him, unless he is seen eating at a restaurant.
Level His age is unknown, but it is confirmed he is a Class D theif as by the Hamphgsburgh Villain Authority.
Status It's unknown whether he's still alive, possibly true because his last raid was on January 1 2010.
Location His whereabouts are not known.

'Burger Fling is the worst restaurant thief in Antarctica, having robbed 200 stalls in seven years. Strangly enough, it (as his gender is unknown) is a half-puffle, half-Gentoo Penguin, which could conclude that he is not a living thing. His last raid was on New Year's Day, 2010, where statements claimed that he robbed a Pizza 7 stall in the suburbs of Inland, Eastshield. The PSA has failed to catch him as it is virtually impossible to do so, with the only chance being when he eats a restaurant (see "Habits" for details).


The bad ol' lad was said to be born in Amery Island, as he had left a textbook belonging to Amery Island schools during his 99th raid (as stated by the PSA). IT is unknown how he became a thief, but he was most likely raised by a villain as his surname did not exist. His first known raid striked on February 2005, but it is unknown whether he had raided before that month.

Notable Raids[]

  • His first raid took place on February 2005, where he stole a bag of coffee beans from the Coffee Shop in Club Penguin.
  • His second raid took place the following month also in Club Penguin, but it was the Pizza Shop. Twenty-five pizzas were stolen and one penguin had a bruise when Burger Fling scratched his arm.
  • The first raid in which he was seen clearly instead of a shadow occured on December 2005, where he barged into a EFF stall in Pengolia and stole 500 coins, the first time he stole something other than food. The former 'emperor' of Pengolia, Penghis Khan, ordered a state-wide search for the thief but to no avail.
  • The first raid to take place in Eastshield, at a local food stall near Eastshield Hope Hospital sometime in 2006.
  • The first raid to take place at night, where he raided a Frys Chalet stall off the city of Frostborough, in mid-2006.
  • The only raid with more than one creature involved. Burger Fling and a mysterious accomplice raided a Burger Khan stall on the border of Pengolia and Trans-Antarctica. The accumulated amount of kilograms stolen was the most anyone had ever (900kg). The accomplice had been captured a year later. The incident occured on January 3 2007.
  • Burger Fling raided two EFF restaurants on the same day, both in Pengu Town. 24Keyser ordered a state-wide search like Penghis Khan, and only a broken shoe was found. Closer examination shows that he stepped mud, which was quite uncommon in Antarctica.


He has a habit of eating at a restaurant, most likely Burger Khan or Happy Day Donuts, days after a raid in broad daylight. Of course, most customers don't bother with him because:

  1. They don't know the Burger Fling at all.
  2. They know the Burger Fling but only as a shadow.

He was exposed twice, but got away in both cases. His habit is described as 'carvia', a strange disease that orginated from Dorkugal when it's first settlers came in.


  • Most think he is a Shadow Penguin since most raids only saw him as a shadow.
    • Penguins claim that he is a ghost. This is confirmed to be not true in 2008.
  • Sometimes, he is seen as a humpback due to the past raid almost being caught by the PSA. Thus, he steals only very little during those times.

See also[]

  • Link, another notable thief
  • Burger Khan, whose name is almost the same as Burger Fling.