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The Not Universal Bureau Of Fiction Wannabes
The logo.
Vital statistics
Name The Not Universal Bureau Of Fiction Wannabes
Type Secret Organization
Location Universe #133713
Head The Wannabe Masters Of The Universe
Job To try to get the powers that the Bureau of Fiction has (in a good way)
Members Wannabe Masters Of The Universe, people that wanted to join the bureau of fiction but were rejected
HQ Building in the fourth wall

Teh Not Universal Bureau of Fiction Wannabes, often known as "The Bureau of Fiction Wannabes" or just "The Wannabes" is an unofficial, illegal, public turned secret society set up in the early 1980s by some guy. They want to become a part of the Masters of the Universe and try to help them, but usually fail, and help the Anti-Masters instead. They set in motion almost everything that seems ridiculous in the universe.


Shortly after the Bureau of Entropy was formed, another group of people found about the Masters of the Universe. Rather than trying to stop them, however, they wanted to join. The Masters didn't allow this, so they got some technology and became their own group. However, they realized that they wouldn't be able to control the universe like the Masters could, and are currently trying to.


Double Bureau Intervention[]

After not obeying Dan's message to close, Director Benny changed it so they hadn't payed their bills in over 25 years.

As per Governance policy, the Gigabishop had his MetroCERN of the reigon shut off their electricity, Internet, utilities radio, telephones, etc. etc. Due to the outstanding balence, the See also chose to shut off the Wannabes' running water as well, a Governance first.

The Universal Bureau of Entropy, however, didn't want a win for the masters, so they "gathered" 2000 pebbles and gave it to the P.O.P.E. They also used their Department of Mysteries to hide further work from the Bureau of Fictitious Literature, and protected the page so the Masters of the Universe would have glitchy servers while editing them. ZapWire is currently working to fix the issue. Director Benny has been told that they have officially been disbanded to keep him from going insane.




Director Chenny is the closest thing to a villain. She really is trying to help, but her sadistic ways interfere, and she directs them to do evil things sometimes. This is almost covered up by the Department of Mysteries.


  • Department of Tick-Tock (allows masters to travel through time. Often goes to wrong time period)
  • Department of Watching You (Looks around the universe. Really bad surveillance system)
  • Department of Pictures (deals with making imagery)
  • Department of Eureka (Deals with Breakthroughs)
  • Department of Strengthening Theories (deals with science)
  • Department of Uh-oh (Deals with conflicts like the Great Darktonian Pie War, headed by Director Zenny)


  • They are in debt to the Bureau of Entropy of over Nine Thousand!, but the BoE currently has only one job for them: annoy the Masters of the Universe.
  • Director Benny does not approve of them, but he doesn't really know.

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