Club Penguin Fan Universe
This tale has been told! It's done!

A log has been kept about the construction of C-Pengaberg, curretly located somewhere in Highlaw Island.

Building timeline[]

7th March 2008[]

  • Contest in newspapers to select crew started
  • Parts and tools ordered from G
  • Dock A-01 at Highlaw Island hired for building

Est Cost=1 million (Chub777 can't pay for that!)

10th March[]

  • Parts and tools arrive
  • Contest ends-100 crew selected

11th March[]

  • Boat frames started
  • Pre-fab warehouse arrives
  • Temporary crane arrives

12 March[]

  • Boat frames finished
  • Sails started
  • Crow's Nest started
  • 500 volonteer workers arrive

13 March[]

  • Stair case started
  • Ship covering started
  • CN finished
  • 1st sail finished
  • Puffle headfigure started

30 March[]

  • Headfigure finished
  • Covering finished
  • Stair case finished
  • 4 sails finished
  • Dining room and kitchen started
  • Quarters started
  • Hold started

18 April[]

  • 3 sails finished (total number:8)
  • Dining and kitchen finished
  • Floor 2 Quarters finished
  • Floor 1 Hold finished
  • Fresh water tanks arrive with filters

4th July[]

  • 2 sails finished/all sails finished)
  • Quarters finished
  • Deck finished
  • Puffle room started
  • Hold finished
  • Toilets started

18th July[]

  • Solar pannels arrive
  • Toilets finished
  • Water tanks finished

25th July[]

  • Puffle room finished
  • Solar pannels fitted
  • Lighting fitted

26th July[]

  • atteries arrive
  • Battery room started
  • Penguin accidentally smashes a solar pannel with a wrench-owes Chub777 3000 pebbles

5th August[]

  • 3000P payed
  • Solar pannel replaced
  • Battery room finished

10th August[]

  • Electrics fitted
  • Electric stove with oven arrives
  • Stove-oven fitted

29th September[]

  • Furniture trucks arrive
  • Weapontry room started

17th October[]

  • Weapontry room finished (it has a super, ultra special lock!)
  • Snowballs and gunpowder loaded
  • A plasma TV arrives!YAY!

24th October[]

  • Imported sand arrives
  • Plumbing perfected
  • Satelite dish fitted
  • Living room started
  • Chub777 and 4 crewmembers play with the new Snowtendo Vii all night long.

31st October[]

  • Living room finished intime for Halloween celebrations
  • A crewman scares a worker off the Crow's Nest-fortunately the worker falls on a pile of sails
  • Telephone cables started

2nd November[]

  • Book room started
  • Doctor room started
  • Sails fitted
  • Imported sand goes in the Red Puffle corner at the puffle room
  • Some of the sand goes to the hold for later

8th November[]

  • Doctor room finished
  • Book room finished
  • The sand in the hold goes to the book room
  • Palm trees are planted in the sand
  • Other plants are planted in pots placed around the ship

27 November[]

  • First test run [early morning]
  • Life boats installed (3 on each side,4 inflateables,2 stored in hold-12 total) [morning]
  • Telephone cables finished
  • Furniture loading finished
  • Ship finished!

28th November[]

  • Ship party!!!
  • Free item=C-Pengaberg model
  • Ship party catalouge (7k recived from funds)
  • A donation of 5 pebbles for a chance to get Chub777's signed backround earns 300P
  • Warehouse turned into a party room
  • Ship Chrisened
  • Ship loaded with food, water, Cream Soda, supplies, trading supplies and pebbles
  • Final Test Run

Ship cost=57k
Volonteer cost=20k
Pre-fab,hiring and crane cost=17k
TOTAL=95,763 pebbles
Minus catalouge funds=-7k
Minus backround funds=-300P
ACTUAL=88,463 pebbles