Club Penguin Fan Universe

Bug is a Khanz Penguin who is, true to his name, about the size of a bug. He is also Penghis Khan's cousin. He is currently at Keukenhof Castle, tormenting the Hochstadt family.

Background Bug was born to Mongus Khan and Mertrud Khan, Penghis Khan's aunt and uncle, on March 2nd, 1987. When he was a child, Bug was mocked for his size. He began slapping people with fish, like his cousin. When he was older, he ran away and found a cave. There, he met a penguin named The Sad Old Miner. They became pals. One day, Bug complained it was cold. The Sad Old Miner built a house for them which led to the cave, known today as the Mine Shack. Bug's friend suggested he find a nice new home. Bug went to Keukenhof Castle and found a mousehole. He lives there to this very day.

Ways of Torment Spraying ink in the victim's face. Eating the evening banquet Swiss Ninja prepares for his family. Biting victims. Kissing Bellina when her parents aren't looking. Kissing all females in the castle when no one is looking. Slapping people with fish. Hitting Swiss Ninja with random objects. Teasing Maddieworld.

Trivia Like his cousin, Bug speaks in the third person. The reason kissing is one of his torment options is because Bug is the romantic type.