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This is him.
Vital statistics
Title Fourth Wall Breaker
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health Just slightly above average
Level 16
Status Playing video games, hanging out, or something else
Location Varies, but he's usually around Club Penguin Island
Occupation Pizza Parlor chef

Brown51brown is a penguin who can break the fourth wall (something that there are few and far between of).


Brown hatched to a loving family on August 21st, 1999 (making him 11) who took care of him very well. When he was two, his parents had another chick, Blue52blue. His parents found out she could move objects with her mind not long afterwards. When he was five, his parents had one more sibling, Green53green. He could pass through all solid matter, but he kept this a secret from his parents, and only showed it to his siblings, who were amazed. With that, Brown began to feel somewhat left out, until he was seven, when he found out he could break the fourth wall.

He also loves pizza, and when he got offered a position as a chef at the Pizza Parlor, he accepted it on the spot. He is a honored chef there, and has been told he will be on the Wall of Fame when he quits (which is unikely).


Brown is a very out-going penguin, and loves to draw, though he has some problems drawing on Doors 7 due to having to use the (somewhat awkward to use) mouse to draw. (He has yet to discover the "Paint-copy" on Penguin OS.) He used to attempt to send threats to Nightmare via any means possible, which usually failed. He gave up on this a long time ago. He gets along good with mostly everyone, aside from Nightmare, Darktan II, and Mabel (all for obvious reasons). Despite this, he sometimes annoys people he meets by accident, but usually turns out well in the end.

Oddly, he sometimes appears out of nowhere when someone needs help, and usually helps them.


  • Ahh... the sweet smell of Director Be-wait, he's censoring my text again... darn.


  • This is his theme song.
  • Ironically, his favorite color is blue, not brown.
  • He owns a puffle, Jettski.
  • Although "Brown51brown" is his full name, most penguins just call him "Brown".
  • Aside from fourth-wall breaking, Brown can spin around very fast (almost as fast as Tails) and become a tornado, flying about. He gained this ability when he was working out, and he has worked it out and improved it ever since.
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