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The band's logo.
Vital statistics
Name BriarXThorne
Type Band
Location Various concert areas
Head Psyche
Job Musician
Members Psyche, Rika, Kaylie
HQ Psyche's bedroom (with soundproof magic blocking the doors)


Psyche's circle of friends wanted something really cool to do with their time, so they formed an electrofunk/alternative band called BriarXThorne.


  • Psyche is the founder. She is the lead singer and dons hibiscus instead of sakura flowers in her hair while singing, and wears a tank top with a rainbow cute skull on it.
  • Kaylie plays the guitar. She wears rock versions of her usual attire.
  • Rika plays the drums. She wears sunglasses and a blazing purple tanktop, kinda like her usual outfit.
  • Poffin, Psyche's puffle, does the dancing and wears a head mic.


  • The album I.L.L.U.S.I.O.N.:
*Falling balloons
*Deluxe package
*Do you like waffles (rock rendition)
  • The album Steampunked:
*Put a banana in your ear (rock rendition)
*Melancholy memoir
*Le Londe
*Just say hi
*Say WHAT?!?
  • The album Desert sand:
*Mabel syrup
*Un-Fashion police
*K. Ristalle
*Desert sand
*Let's-a go!
  • The album Life's a cliche
*Non a non non sensei cale
*Frost the town
*It's STILL only forever
*Attack of the  Mwa Mwas
*Life's a cliche
*Improv ballad


  • The band will release their next album sometime this summer. At least people thought that was the case, because the released it today! Weird.
  • Mabel and the Fashion police tried to sue Psyche since their latest album made fun of them, but it didn't work since she isn't 18 yet. Pizza Penguin dropped 10 pounds of fish on her though.... fine with her cuz she's got ninja powers and they ordered all that fish since it was Penghis Khan's birthday.

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