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Brain Soap
Brain Soap
Brain Soap (The Worlds Only Brainwashing Shampoo!!)
Vital statistics
Type Shampoo
Effects Brain Washing
Source Mr.Rare
Cost to buy 1000000000 Coins
Cost to sell 100Coins

Brainsoap is the worlds only Brainwashing shampoo.


Brain Soap is used to brainwash other penguins into believing that Str00dels are the best. Most penguins are not sure how this item works. The only way to get Brain Soap is to buy it from Mr.Rare for 10000000000 coins.

It is ranked Grade B ST - DP/HiAIA/HiCNIC/HiGOV (Nix BoF) (Grade B Synthetic Toxin, usable only by those with District Permission, a high ranking position in the AIA and CNIC, or a high ranking position in the government, unless a member of the Bureau of Fiction) on the HazMat Commission.


The soap contains neurotransmitter chemicals (that is, brain transmitting stuff) that dissolve through the feathers and skin into the bloodstream upon use. When they reach the brain, they bind to nerve synapses and all that mumbo jumbo and cause the victim to become extremely submissive. However, there's a catch -- the victim follows orders from anyone and everyone. Permanent affiliation to one group (under influence of the soap) requires some extra hypnosis and brainwashing.

Side effects include hallucinations about dancing onions and/or spherical birds, as well as a sudden liking for mushrooms.


  • Mr.Rare says its "SUPER RARE!!!!"(that explains the price)
  • Ben Hun loves it and sprays it at his enemies. Strangely, he never has it when the Maniac OOC Extremists is nearby.
  • Fudd once poured this on Darktan II's head and made him eat toilet paper for a week.

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