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The Official poster for Box
Vital statistics
Type Movie
Effects Entertainment
Source Cheese Dreams Productions
Location In Stores now!
Cost to buy 5,000c
Cost to sell 5,000c

Box or Box I or Box 1 is a movie made by Cheese Dreams Productions and/or Metalmanager. It is about a penguin named Metalmanager who gets trapped in a box on Club Penguin Island.


  • Starring: Metalmanager as Himself, Fano as Penguin114, Metalmanager as Worker.
  • Editing: Metalmanager
  • Director: Metalmanager
  • Camera: Hypercam2
  • Editing Program: Windows Movie Maker


Metalmanager wakes up to find out he's inside a box. He tries to find a way out, asking people, shouting "Help!".


WARNING: The following contains spoilers

Metalmanager finds out that he can just walk out the box. He then starts dancing with Fano (Penguin114).




  • The Beta tester penguin is actually Fano.
  • It was filmed on French server to make sure there wouldn't be any distractions.
  • Fano is actually Penguin114 on a French Server.
  • The Outtakes are thought to be released on the upcoming extras DVD.
  • Box was posted once on PengTube.

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