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Bow Tie Tom
Bow Tie Tom
Bow Tie Tom, at his finest
Vital statistics
Title Bow Tie Tom
Gender Male
Race Millionare Penguin
Faction Holyberden share owner
Health 100%
Level 500
Status Dictating
Location Tieland

Bow Tie Tom is a Holyberden share owner and is all for the demolition of the Un-CP. He is friends with the dictator and has TONS of money. He always wear a bowtie. He is VERY rich and donates a lot. He is all for censorship, too. He has a very close friendship with TSP and, like BOSS XeXeXe, will "Clobber Dat Anti-Turtlenator!"


He grew up with the same parents as Dan Beronews, in the same town, just 2 years after Dan. Though, he was always living in the shadow of his brother, always more powerful and popular. He soon grew to some-what dislike his brother, and at some points, the USA. He was always in the back seat to his powerful brother.


He is good friends with Austin8310 and is a relatively good hacker. He works as the Dictator of Bow Tieland and is friends with his (actually his boss) friend Tortugadesetas. He is also good friends with TurtleShroom (penguin) and is a yes-man on the Board of Directors of Holyberden.


On his file in the BOF written, in yellow ink, "GOOD, FAMILY MEMBER OF BOF MEMBER". The yellow ink is irreversible, even though he is a DICTATOR! who or what would do that? As the GOOD stamp makes the universe automatically go in favor for him. And just WHO is his family member? He ALWAYS signs his documents "Thomas B." Just WHAT does the B stand for? Dan has been seen near his house, why? No one knows... It is known that Dan is a MMK member and Benny, a Mabel relative, was the one who did that, does that have anything to do with it? Most people think that he IS Dan's brother. It is also thought that, like Flamejob56, he is a strange Beronews and CAN'T BREAK THE (To quote Mayor McFlapp) BALLY FLIPPIN' FOURTH WALL!

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