Club Penguin Fan Universe

The Bow Tie Group are a group of penguins that wear bow ties. There are 3 "Bow Tie-ers" at this moment.


All members of the Bow Tie Group wear bow ties and a random colour. They all have their own colour, each different.

  • Bow Tie Tom - Red
  • Bow Tie Fred - Green (Normal)
  • Bow Tie Steve - Black (Darker)


  • All of them are in the Metal Force
  • They are all Beta Testers (As a Bow Tie was a Beta item, an item you got for beta testing, as well as Beta hat, 1,000000 coins and a membership)
  • Two members of the Bow Tie Group appear in the F.I.S.H, One next to a black puffle (Bow Tie Tom) and the other on the page about Tic-Tac-Toe (Bow Tie Fred) Who isn't wearing his bow tie.