Club Penguin Fan Universe
Bounty Hunters
Vital statistics
Name Bounty Hunters
Type Hunters
Location Temporary client's HQ
Head None
Job To hunt down creatures for a bounty
Members Will add later
HQ Temporary client's


A bounty hunter; (n.) captures fugitives and creatures wnated by tehir clients, who pay the hunters a bounty (or amount of money) so the hunter will accept.

Notable Bounty Hunters[]

  • Rob Feder
  • 5-LON
  • Zam Waterzel
  • Captain Penguin
  • Flipper Muiltio
  • Steve


The bounty hunters aren't involved in major incidents, unless their targets are involved. They usually just bounty hunt.


  • Most of the hunters are neutral in alignment.
  • There are Bounty Hunters that own and ride their own Xtreme Gear and race in tournaments.
  • There are such things as good bounty hunters that only work for good guys. This is uncommon.

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