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The island.

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Bottoms Up is an island along the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

It is the home of Patchy99, the ninja leader, and the general. Its mainly a forest country, as most penguins here are tree dwellers. However, the part that Patchy99 is in is rich green grass, and it appears black because ninjas are there.


For years, Bottoms Up was uninhabited. Patchy99 was travelling in a boat when a horrible storm blew up, knocking him off course. He landed on the island, realizing that no other creatures lived there.

The place was breathtaking; lush coniferous forests stretched for as far as the eye could see, and the rolling hills contrasted marvelously to the ocean waves lapping upon the shore. The environment was pristine and untouched by any creature.

Travelling through the forest, Patch eventually crossed to the other side of the island, realizing that this end was a flat grassland, that stretched for a mile or so before terminating at the end of the coastline.

Patchy knew that this island would be a perfect place for his new home, and for his pet project. He later commissioned a large vessel to carry materials to the island, where a luxurious stone house was erected in the grassland. Some trees were felled to make a straight path from one end of the island to the other. Soon, Patchy had all the comforts of home, excluding running water and electricity, of course. He later invested his money into water bottles for sustinance.

Having settled in, it was time for Patchy to fulfill his dream. This dream was to create a Ninja haven, a place for elite nijas, bored of Card-Jitsu, to live, vacation, and relax in paridise. Some ninjas took the oppurtunity and built huts in the trees, and together, they formed the warrior community of Bottoms Up.


Patchy99 is the founder and leader of the settlement. Today, Bottoms Up is a peaceful vacation resort made for Ninjas. There are plenty of empty huts for any would-be vacationer to come and stay.

If the island should ever come under attack, Patchy has that covered, too. Considering that Bottoms Up is a land of ninjas, they obviously brought their Card-Jitsu decks with them. This line of defense secures any prospect of a small-scale invasion.

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