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Bottomless Coin Sack
The coin sack.
Vital statistics
Type Magical coin bag
Effects gives loads of coins
Source Invented by the Naughtzee!
Location Shake Dimension
Cost to buy Unbuyable
Cost to sell Unsellable

The Bottemless Coin Sack is a legendary (and very real) item that magically creates currency whenever it is shaken. It is the subject of an upcoming game featuring Tails6000.

It is currently up for debate if the Sack's money is legal tender or magical counterfeits, so owning one and using its money may not be the best idea.


The Bottemless Coin sack was created by a very distant ancestor of Edwin Freezer Luge (the same character from A Thanksgiving Carol), back in the days of Khanzem. It was an experimental item, created to supply funds for the defecit the Nuaghtzee faced in war.

The experiment was a complete success, and the Coin Sack was invented. However, when it was presented to Whoot Smackler Whoot as the "ultimate weapon" against the Good Guys and the Grand Ol' Land, he declined it, saying "endless wealth is for weenies!".

Smackler ordered Luge's ancestor to dispose of the currency shaker immediantly, which he did in loyalty to the dictator. He tossed it into a dimesnional void to the Shake Dimension that he accidently created a while back. As soon as the bag went through, the dimensional void was closed and the Bottemless Coin Sack was seemingly lost forever.


  • The item is currently being searched for by Tails6000, both in reality and in an upcoming video game.
  • The Coin Sack bears the Naughtzee logo, as all Khanzem items were required to do.

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