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Bosti's player card, last found in Dorkugal.
Vital statistics
Title Bosti
Gender male
Race Penguin
Faction Held captive by Jerks
Health Good, he is not injured despite the incident.
Level His age is unknown.
Status Held captive by Jerks.
Location Evil Lake

Bosti (pronnouced 'boss-tee') is an explorer that was once held captive by Jerks. He was the only hostage to put up with kidnappers for that long a period, and was only released in mid-2010, a total of 3 years served. As he has taken an English course in Penguin University, Bosti would be writing a book based on what occurred during the incident.


Bosti was born as Bosti Jenkins in 1989. Bosti Jenkins loved adventure and wanted to sail to Dorkugal via boat in 2007, when there were no routes to Dorkugal via air then.

However, he was held captive by the evil Jerks for three years. During this period, he lived in a jail cell, and was given scraps of rubbish that the Jerks left behind. He was fed water everyday.

The Dorkugese Secret Agency eventually tracked his whereabouts and in mid-2010, he was released and the Jerks were setenced to jail. He felt that this was destined, and decided to write a book about it titled 'Bosti-The Life of a Hostage', deemed to be released at the end of 2010.


Bosti travelled through the Evil Lake unexpectedly in Late 2007. He then dissapeared, without a trace.


  • Has been held captive by Jerks many times.

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