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Bordeau image
Sunflower plantations.
Bordeau map
Location of Bordeau
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 30
Location Square Islands
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles.

Bordeau is a small town in the center of Cutter Island in Square Islands. It was established in 2000. Its' reason for establishing was the big field of gooey soil, which was perfect for sunflower plantations.


When the port on Square Islands - Happen Town became quite a busy one, there was need for a place, where crops could be grown. It was difficult to find, but it was found in the exact center of Cutter Island. There was ground instead of ice, and lots of sun and water. The best place for a plant! Lots of different flowers were planted, but most of them died quickly. The only ones, which survived were sunflowers. So now the plantations grow only sunflowers.

The area got quite busy. Lots of transports went from the plantations to Happen Town. So, a town was established, and named after the color of the blouse of the founder of the village. It was Bordeau, so the village is known as Bordeau, and is growing rapidly.


The village has four gates - northern (from Cape Peak), eastern (from Eastern Happen Town), southern (from Western Happen Town, and western (from West Coast). The village consists of mainly small, but very nice and cozy houses, where families live. The town is surrounded by sunflowers, which is a marvelous view.


The town is very famous for sunflowers. They are exported to the USA directly from here. All penguins visiting this town have bought some sunflowers.

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