Club Penguin Fan Universe
Boptropica Islands, Inc.
HeadquartersCapital Emperor City, Emperorlands
Area servedThe Antarctic continent
Key peopleKingH10, retired co-founder
Amgirl, co-founder
KingH11, chief island creator
IndustryInternet gaming

Boptropica Islands, Inc. or just Boptropica, is a fun virtual world that is free to play created by KingH10 and Amgirl. The player's avatar is a penguin in their teens. The player goes around the islands completing missions and earning Boptropica dollars which enables you to buy different clothing at the shop. Boptropica also sponsors several companies with mini-missions created for them. Boptropica is also educational. Emperorlands Gaming Magazine gave it a 9/10 saying it had some flaws but the graphics were amazing.


Boptropica was started in Emperorlands when KingH10 asked G to come to his palace and give him access to the human-controlled websites. He searched "virtual world" and found a site called "Poptropica". He wanted to parody it, so bought the domain name He then asked G and Amgirl to help him create a virtual world named Boptropica Islands. They created 5 different islands: Early Boptropica; Shark Tooth; Time Twisted; 24 Puffle-O; and Super Power. KingH10 promoted KingH11 to chief island creator then left. 2½ months later, they created 3 more islands: Spy; Newbooti; and Astro-Vikings. Another 2½ months later, they created more islands: Fake Painting; Fictional TV; and Mythological.


  • Early Bobtropica
  • Shark Tooth
  • Time Twisted
  • 24 Puffle-O
  • Super Power
  • Spy
  • Newbooti
  • Astro-Vikings
  • Fake Painting
  • Fictional TV
  • Mythological
  • Pirate
  • Smokeworks - currently in production.
  • Make An Island - rumored


Boptropica Shop[]

The Boptropica Shop is the shop of Bobtropica. There are 4 sections: Costumes; Acsessories;Mini-Missions; and Other Stuff. The costumes cost 50 Boptropica dollars (BD). Mini-missions cost 100 BD and accessories cost 25 - 100 BD. Other stuff cost 50 - 500 BD. The most popular items in each category are:

  • Costumes
  • KingH10's royal outfit
  • Accessories
  • 1 min. time freeze
  • Mini-missions
  • Ford Car and Link
  • Other Stuff
  • Auto-Completor.